Game Development

Refresh Design is known for our custom made, online casino games. Basically, it is our signature as a design agency. We are very excited to tell our audience and clients more about the development process, since it is very interesting to know.
First of all, we accept all custom requests from our clients. Refresh Design finds it very challenging to develop an online casino game which can fit the needs of our client. Especially when they already know what kind of game they would like to have, it is very important to listen very closely and act on it. The online casino WildToro slot is a great example of a company who is aware of their own kind of needs. They wanted us to develop three slot machines with a big diversity of themes.

Are all requests easy for our game developers? The answer is definitely no. Our game developers are still learning everyday and having that said, all requests will need a development research in order to create a clear concept. In order to do that, we first sit around the table with our potential client to discuss the possibilities. Together, we come up with new ideas such as the type of online casino game, the theme, but also the name of the game. Those important factors are necessary to know in order to complete the project. After this meeting, Refresh Design is responsible for the first concept proposal, which will be presented to our clients.

When the client accepts our proposal, it is up to the game development team to start with the global development. There will always be a deadline attached, which is always challenging. Together with the design team, they are also responsible for developing animations and dynamic graphics. In order to create the perfect concept, teams need to collaborate during the entire project.
Scratch cards, slot machines and even big jackpot games are all possible at Refresh Design. Every project is unique and that also means that every online casino game will be different. Our experienced game developers are specialist in different kind of games. Even today, they are still learning more about the world of online gaming. Refresh Design think it’s important to keep educating ourselves in order to build up the knowledge that is needed.

Refresh Design is proud of all the custom work we have done in the last few years. From video slots to different kind of table games; we can handle your request. We can provide an excellent service with a touch of design. Our game developers would really like to help you by giving the right advice and great tips. We can imagine that online casino companies are now struggling with their own game portfolio. Games should always stay inspirational and refreshing to increase the amount of players. Refresh Design would be happy to brainstorm together with your company, in order to find new and motivation ways to present yourself as an online casino. Please get in touch and let us surprise you in many different ways.