Client Testimonials

ComeOn: We contacted Refresh Design when our click-ins were diminishing on a weekly basis. Hans Leger came in and found that our site created by a low-cost competitor was actually sending players to exterior platforms to load their games. The development team at Refresh built our own hosted Casino and attendance increased 200% in a six month period. We owe our entire success to Mr. Leger and his associates. They also threw in a year of marketing support along with the redesign, which resulted in a new approach on our end for how to find new players in a saturated market. Service plus service. I don’t know who could do it better.

Casumo: When our cash transaction database was hacked, we discovered our SSL protocols has become outdated. Our current design company was never going to tell us when the technology changed and that our customers were at risk every day that they played. Refresh Design came in and reconstructed our transaction portal in under a week. They guarantee the security of all our transactions and have added layers to protect our patrons’ identity and information. We can’t thank them enough! What is more, the next time the SSL protocol is upgraded, Refresh will upgrade our site for free. Sometimes spending a few extra dollars up front really pays off in the long run.

Leovegas: I wanted something new and exciting for our online casino. Mr. Moothi’s development team got together and showed us how a tournament room with a live host could generate return clickers on a regular basis while creating buzz in other chat rooms on the internet. The monthly one-day tournament offered free advertising via social buzz, a solid base of return players and real-time interaction with our patrons. We just couldn’t be any happier with the results! Did you know that participation in our slots parlors goes up during tournaments? Just because they are visiting our site, they are playing. I wonder what new things Refresh will come up with next?

BGO Casino: When our site crashed after a forced software upgrade from Microsoft, I had no hope that we would be back online any time shorter than a week. However, the Refresh Support team picked up the challenge, contacted a leading IT support company in my area and tag-teamed a fast-track repair. They really went above and beyond expectations by restoring my business in under 48 hrs. I did not ask them the outsource the IT part of the equation, but by doing so they took so much pressure off my own shoulders, I was able to enjoy my son’s high school graduation.

Mr Green.: I needed a new game and had no idea where to turn. In a monthly marketing conference call with Refresh Design, they mentioned their in-house gaming development program. Our new 5-reel virtual slots game Treasure Seekers Platinum has generated over 30,000 new players in its first two weeks that it went live. After six months, our return traffic had increased five times over, moving our company from being ranked 8th among online casinos to the number three spot. They even maintained a game monitor for the first six months and continued to clean out remaining glitches from the new interface. Did I mention they build all new graphics for the game? It looks completely new, with no stolen appearance from previous successful slot games like so many competitors do out there. How awesome is that?

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