About Us

Refresh Design was established in 2012 as an innovative web design company targeting support for the online gaming industry. In our short history we have provided designs and updated accessibility for major players in the gaming world such as Mr Green, LeoVegas, Casumo, BGO Casino, and Betsson.

Our team of creative designers have attended web design school in locations across the globe, increasing our understanding of how different cultures access the internet and building our demographic comprehension of who to target when creating a new interactive site for our patrons.

Situated in the bustling city of New Delhi, our computers hum along with all the traffic passing by our lab. Our team consists of eleven people, each with a unique approach to creating the kind of platforms that generate excitement and invite your customers to return each and every day.

Our fearless leader is Patel Moorthi. He grew up in our hometown and has been heavily influenced by the unending energy of New Delhi. He believes a gaming website should offer the same kind of sights and sounds you find on city street–always changing, merging, and expanding. He builds his sites with an integrated flexible content management system to allow ease of access for users, application of an updated background on a weekly basis, and yet has a solid, seamless interface based in the latest HTML5 for reliable performance at all times. Consumed by his work. Patel can usually be found at the office.

Graphics, a challenging and ever changing part of a successful web page design, is headed by two girls straight from Paris. Mariette Sonheur and Opaline team up with their suite of high powered computers to generate an astounding amount of unique visuals for our fun and interactive games, welcome pages and even our coin purchasing platforms. Fond of bling, their jackpot explosions when a player hits the big one are things of legend in the online gaming community. They bring a unique level of energy and croissants to the office on a daily basis.

The Marketing Guru is none other than Hans Leger. Uniquely keyed into a stream of analytics and return data on player participation, he is qualified to build loyalty programs, social media campaigns, introduce newsletters that build clicks and other marketing options that produce return visits. He often recommends adding virtual coins to your platform good for players to upgrade the appearance of their personal interface or bonus spins during high roller tournaments. If there is something you want built into your business, Hans will have suggestions on a successful roll out of the feature.

Testing and Development

Refresh Design never sends out an update to our websites without first applying hands on live testing. Our T&D center brings in interns from the university to test out the latest in games, apps, add-ons, phone mobile adaptation and general enjoyment of the product. We often run testing segments in one month periods, such that any possible glitch can be found and eradicated before we send it out into the real world.


When building web sites for an industry solely designed to sell fun, Refresh Design does all it can to pay back the communities that we serve. Mr. Moorthi is an active board member of the International Vegas Gaming and Support Center, where research into effective treatment and support for gambling related illnesses is conducted on a wide-scale basis. More locally, all the staff at Refresh are encouraged to volunteer for various charities supporting unemployed and underemployed members of the tech industry. Five percent of all profits from the company is donated to the IVGSC to ensure any harm resulting from use of online gambling can be mitigated through responsible stewardship.

Fun Facts

The Refresh Design symbol is the refresh sign found on every computer–push a button and update your website!
Founded in 2012, we have moved every six months into a larger office suite.We now have 40 employees working for us.
Our staff comes from five continents across the world.We are still missing Antarctica and Africa
The background noise file we upload for the entrance into all our gaming portals is recorded just outside our offices.