Refresh Design Welcome You!

At Refresh Design we offer the latest in online gaming websites built on easy-to-use interfaces, the latest in graphics, with responsive support and explosive growth. We are a growing company established in Newcastle, UK, our dynamic team of designers is here to create clickable environments for your eager customers to play in.

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Up To Date Programming

Our unique content management system is built using HTML5, the most modern web development language available today. All pages are tested against the most popular web browsers to ensure seamless operation in the face of constant updates and technology improvements. Never experience downtime due to unstable frames or outdated platforms. Refresh Design keeps your pages up to date and active 24 hours a day so you and your players can keep making the money.

Going Old-School Wastes Time and Money

We are all about the future of the online gaming industry. We could build you a website based on old CSS and CMS, stealing formats from your fellow competitors. But as the always demanding gaming player will tell you, your customers demand something new and exciting now. If you think you can update an old-fashioned web page into one that supports current apps and is built to adapt to unknown technologies of next week, time and money spent will be simply wasted. Refresh Design has an integrated automatic upgrade language that is prepared to react to changes in gaming platforms without requiring time consuming overhauls.

Latest Plug-ins

Refresh Design incorporates all most recent widgets and apps in their CMS. Stay connected to your users with social media platforms, integrated chat rooms, screen capture sharing, and live audio and video forums for head-to-head challenges in the virtual card room or simply so users can cheer each other on while the progressive pot builds.

A Portal to Another Dimension

Our in-house marketing team is ready to create a plan for you to take advantage of the latest in marketing plans. Build links, interactions between sites and carefully executed SEO campaigns so players will find you whether through analytics, visiting other sites or even with personally targeted messages delivered to their in-boxes. Gaming does not exist in a vacuum, but on the internet. Our Refresh Design Marketing Services are a valuable add-on to your web development needs. We even offer live chat room hosting services to help keep your players talking, sharing and spending with a selection of weekly promotions and offers.

SSL Encryption for Customer Safety

Never compromise your customer’s identity and cash with a second rate transaction software. We build all our pages using the most secure SSL Encryption to process payments onsite with a simple click. Don’t send patrons off-site to collect their cash. That subverts their trust in your site and opens up opportunities for outside theft to occur. A free upgrade to any available changes in the encryption software is included in the build price once every six months.

Independent Game Development

Find a signature game designed just for you! With every online casino offering access to the same collection of virtual slots, it is crucial to provide something that can’t be found on any other location across the globe. Our in-house gaming development lab can create a simple scratch card for daily loyalty rewards up to an elaborate progressive jackpot machine only to be discovered when players visit your casino. Only you imagination is the limit! If you want to find out more, you can read it on our game development page.

We Build For the Best

When building your gaming center to compete with the best, hire the web development company that put the big guys on the map. Refresh Design has helped giants such as Mr Green, LeoVegas, Casumo, BGO casino and Betsson build their sites, games, and customer base through a full suite of web services from design, implementation, support, hosting and tournament play.

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